Thursday, December 31, 2015

papertrey ink moments inked 2016 planner review

Well, here we are at the end of another year together, friends.  I tell you, nothing happened the way that it was supposed to in this last month, but there were many blessings, nonetheless.  And as we ready ourselves to propel forward into 2016, I've got a look at some tools from Papertrey Ink to help you get organized.  Oh, and I made a video for this blog post, which is a challenge I have been putting off for months.  But I've done it!

The reason for the video was to give you a glance into the Moments Inked 2016 Planner System from PTI.  It is worth the look, I promise you, so please take a few minutes and watch--but keep in mind that it's the first video I've ever done in my entire life, and I was in the middle of a cold so please be kind.

This year, the planners are coming in two formats--a spiral bound and binder edition.  While I had been planning to primarily use the binder, I'm actually quite taken with the spiral version as well.  It's much thinner than last year's book, as they've taken out the daily pages, and what's left after you remove those is a perfectly sized and manageable planner.  The silver metal coil is a big improvement, too, and with the cover I chose (there are several covers to pick from), it looks so light and airy (but the metal coil actually feels a whole lot sturdier than the plastic one from last year).  I really love it!

The video gives you an overview of the inside--it's almost exactly the same as it's predecessor, and I find nothing wrong with that.  There are monthly and weekly pages, along with a few lined pages at the end of the month for extra notes.  It's compatible with all of 2015's dies and stamps sets, as well, so there's no need to buy a whole new set of products.

When Nichole told us they were coming out with a binder version, I couldn't wait for it.  I've been shopping for a binder planner for months but because I'm somewhat indecisive when it comes to them and the market is saturated, it's hard to choose.  I also don't need, nor do I want 10 different planners, so I just kind of gave up on them until I heard about PTI's.

I'm happy I waited because I love this!  They offer a few color choices (Natural Tan, Ebony, Stone Gray), and I chose the White for it's clean, crisp appearance.  It looks and makes me feel very professional--which is sort of a weighty thing to say about a planner, but I think you know what I mean.  My favorite thing about a binder planner is the ability to tuck everything into it, close it up, and take it anywhere.  Whether anywhere is the kitchen, the grocery store, or on vacation, it's just convenient.

So, what's inside of this thing?  Well, again, it's very similar to last year's setup, without the daily pages.  It's important to note that the content is exactly the same for the binder and spiral versions, so whatever your preference is in format, you won't miss out.

You can set yourself a few goals at the beginning of the year.  Whether you're a fan of resolutions or not, a little goal setting is good for you, I feel!

Begin each month with an inspiring quote...One of my favorite attributes from last year so I'm happy these are back.

See the entire month at-a-glance...

And the week, too...This year, the days aren't broken down into sections anymore, and I'm happy with that change, as well, since most of our appointments are happening in the earlier part of the day rather than the latter.  I always ran out of room to write in 2015!

Keep track of important contacts in the back of the book, and there are pages for important dates at the front.  I used both of these tools quite a bit in my 2015 planner, which means they'll be easy to fill in for 2016!

One of the best things of all are these notepads!  I am a list maker--all day long, I make lists--and I'm pretty sure there isn't a monthly planner out there that has enough room for all of the random and necessary things I jot down on a daily basis.  That's why I love these list pads so much!  They are incredibly convenient, they're unlined and unadorned with design, and they slide right into the back cover of the binder.  The 3.25" x 6.5" sheets of linen paper are the perfect size for grocery lists and daily tasks.  So, yes, I will truly need a lot of them!

And lastly, do you see the little white Post-it notes?!  PTI has those now, too--and they even come in a larger, 3" x 6" size--so perfect for lists!  No more icky neon green Post-its clashing with my PTI colors!  Though I'm a fan of fluorescents through and through, I just can't do them in these already colorful planners.

As a completely vain aside, the white binder, with its gold details, pairs so well with my new Boden bag (a Christmas present to myself) and a couple of my favorite notebooks.  2016 is looking good already!

Still want to see more of the Moments Inked Planner System?  Check out the following posts by Nichole and the MI gals for their takes on it!

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

25 days of gift wrap :: expect the unexpected

This month, I'm borrowing a few of my Gossamer Blue projects for the kick off of my first 25 Days of Gift Wrapping series.  If you come around here often enough, you might be aware that I love wrapping gifts!  From wrapped packages to decorated bags--and the gift tags that go with them--I adore it all.  So with the holiday wrapping season in full swing, I got a wild hare--a really wild hare--to share 25 days of different wraps with you.  I'll make the disclaimer right now that I won't be blogging every single day until Christmas (you see I'm already 3 days late!).  Yet I will be posting festive packages every couple of days with a tip or technique, and after playing catchup on Instagram later today, I'll be sharing a wrap every day over there.

My first theme is to expect the unexpected.  I created these packages with the December kits from Gossamer Blue.  Since they released all the Christmas-related kits last month, I challenged myself to use nontraditional color schemes and wrap my gifts with products that were not intended for Christmas.  Shall we see how they turned out?

*In addition to the GB December kits, I also used a few easy-to-find embellishments like tulle and twine, bottle brush trees, and miniature deer (all found at craft stores like Michael's and Joann).  And if you're wondering about the backdrop for my photos this month, I tore pages out of a wintry Boden catalog; I was feeling like I needed to change up the simple white background and I must tell you, I'm so glad I did!

This teeny gift is my favorite of today's bunch.  I wrapped my gift in gold-dotted paper from Paper Source and then embellished with 4 simple elements.  From the beginning, I knew I'd be using the gold sequin star for one of the gifts and when I paired it with the faded red floral 'treasures' card, it was instantly festive!  By adding the red crochet thread and tiny sisal tree, it's most definitely a sweet gift to slip into a stocking.

Pink, yellow, and teal green are not your mother's Christmas colors (at least they never would have been my mother's!).  However, when you mix them with gold, another bottle brush tree, and the mini plastic deer (that I spray-painted gold), it sure looks Christmasy to me.  Oh, and using the word JOY always works!

I layered the floral tag on a colorful Life Pages card, which I then adhered to a black and gold treat bag--those bags are awesome and so saturated in color!  I put a handful of red tinsel (from Walmart) inside the bag, which gives the package a festive pop.  And then there's the tassel!  I've been going tassel-mad lately so I was all heart-eyes to see these by Maggie Holmes in the Bits & Pieces kit.  I guess this means I have to step up my tassel-game with some glittered and painted wood beads!

If you're going to give a food treat, why not use food-safe packaging, like this Starbucks bag I used to wrap up some chocolates.  The bag already has a holiday design and I glammed it up a bit with glitter stickers from the Themed LP kit.  I tied on a couple different trims and another little tree and the rest is all GB!

The 'CHEERS!' LP card is bright and happy (and I love to pair red and yellow together) and 'CHEER' is one of my favorite Christmas words, so while it's intended purpose may have been to celebrate the New Year or a means of congratulations, it makes a fantastic holiday tag, too.  I always like to layer a few small pieces with a larger piece so I combined skinny flag tags by Basic Grey (adding glitter and foil tape to their tops), with die cut leaves (the glitter leaf is from a November 2014 GB kit).

If we imagine this was a present a day for the first 3 days of December, I'm all caught up with 25 Days of Gift Wrapping--until tomorrow :)  And do get your GB kits now if you haven't already--you can do so many different things with them and DO NOT miss the Gallery this month.  If you ever need inspiration, I'm telling you, you'll find it in there!